Monday, December 5, 2011

Vicky is back!

Hi to all of our followers! I am back, but I have a problem. I have to choose from two banners that I made. I have a problem in choosing, and I need help so how is to choose one for meh?
We have many adorable followers and I think that someone could help me about choosing.
Well, I hope that I encouraged you to reply to me. Here are the two banners. They are both amazing for me but I think that the first is better for me. Now choose one for me.
This is the first, which I love sooo much, and I choose to have.

This is the second, which is good, but I prefer the first one.

Now, choose for me one. The most voted banner will win, and I will put it everytime I will write!

Have a good day!!!♥♥