Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stardoll reached 1OO million members!

Wow! The virtual site which its name is Stardoll,reached 1OO million members!
As you know,they gave us 1OO stardollars,to spend for 48 hours. How did you spent yours?
I spent mine on:
61 stardollars went on Starbazaar for one DKNY dress
11 went on Starbazaar for one mary and kate dress.
14 went to one Vivienne Tam dress.
8 went to one pair of Vivienne Tam shoes.
The others went to suite shop and more dresses.

Free Earth Hour Bag

Copy and paste this into the proxy URL bar:

Log into your account

Change the proxy URL bar to:

Tanya x

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure & Lipgloss! ;]

If you are from the USA then log into stardoll for the TV and click HERE for the lipgloss. If you are not from the USA then use a proxy, go to: or or

Paste this in the proxy url bar:

Hit enter and log into stardoll. For the lipgloss paste this into the proxy url bar:

It's important that you wait for the page to load, once it hascross off the proxy. The TV should be in a large Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure gift box in your suite and the lipgloss should be in a Sharpay's... bag in the makeup section of your beauty parlour.

Tanya x

New Hotbuys Skirt! ;]

Pick of the Day
It is from evil panda and at a price of 12 stardollars what a rip off.
 I don't like it much but it kind of looks nice with a jacket and a plain top.
 I quite like the jeweled bit at the top but the pattern is horrific. I would not wear this 
in real life and I doubt my doll will be wearing it too. I think people that like 
skirts will like it more than others though I am more of a ripped jeans person. 5/10

I am sad that this is the last March hotbuys post this year but April is soon 
approaching! I am so excited!

Tanya x

Newest Writer!

Hi everyone!
I am Vicky,the newest writer here.
I am 11 years old and I am from Greece.
I will write to this amazing blog, everyday!
Today I can't write more,but at my
next post,I am sure that I will give you
better results!

xoxo Vicky!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Sunflower :)

If you are not from Germany, go to

Copy and paste this into the proxy URL bar:

Log into your account

Change the proxy URL bar to:

You will find the flower in your suite!


Free Top :)

This bird print top is from a Swedish contest. If you are from Sweden just log into stardoll and click HERE. If you are not from Sweden then you will need to use a Swedish proxy, go to or

Paste this in the proxy url bar: 

Hit enter then log into stardoll. Change 'view' to 'finish' or just paste this link:

Hit enter again, once the page has loaded cross off the proxy. The bird print top should be in a starplaza bag in your suite.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stardoll's Appearance Contest!

I invite you all to a contest that i made in
prize is 15sd

xx, Lina

P.S. we need more writers.

Hayy ;]

Hi! My name's Tanya on Stardoll i'm Mizz_Angel_ ,and I'm a new writer for Totally Stardoll! So soon enough you will see exclusive posts featuring spoilers,
and free items just for Totally Stardoll readers/followers only!
So follow now and watch everything unveil before your very eyes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My old ''wierd'' and ''bad'' graphics

These are my old graphics i made last year with the
programme Paint and Pixlr

Please do not display these anywhere as it is
copyright and you will be in BIG trouble is you did
thanks, :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Totally Stardoll is looking for writers!

looking for 3 writers!
i don't have a specific thing
you have to write about, you
can write about anything!
i have already got one writer!
SD User:
How many times can you write?
How long are you on stardoll?

that's it

P.S. remember to alert me if you can't post for what reason
if you take too many days off, you will get fired.

xx, Lina

P.P.S. i might be getting the new blog banners that were made by
LoveGossip4life soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Follower Contest!

i want to have a contest
whoever invites the most followers to this blog
will get a prize worth 20sd
and for non ss, we will work out something.
on the comments of this post, get the person
who you invted to write (your user) invited me!
and at 4th of April, i will announce the winner
and they will get 20 sd ^.^
kay good luck!

[Totally SD News!]

News no.1
hey! there is going to be a weekly Totally SD News
from now on, this is to keep you updated to what is
happening at Totally Stardoll!
so be sure to read our news!
2........Partner News
3........Awsome Blogs

(for this weeks news, read the page Totally SD News)


Yay! 11 followers, and it's only been 3 days!
thank you so much to the followers :D
and special thanks to kaami1990 for inviting
people to join!
when we reach at least 30, i might start to give out prizes!

this post is to say thanks guys!
and please help me to make my blog

xx, Lina

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Banner? Attempt 1

Like it?
nah, im no good at banners LOL
accually, it would be great if someone could make me one
*hint hint


Totally Stardoll! Welcome!

it's Totally Stardoll's owner, cute-princess08 aka Lina!
If you came make you you press the ''Follow'' button
before you leave ;D
I will be looking for writers!