Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hey peoples! I am back,with one scrolling box,and that's because I need to write much!
First I need to tell you that my last post,was about the next competition. Anyways,I didn't got any conestants,so I overwrite this.
Today I write because is turned 5 years old!
That's very very good!
Also they made a competition for it.
I think that's awesome.
They also gave us 2 pairs of shoes, one blazer,one wonderful skirt.
 I wasn't so surprised from the clothes,and I thought that stardoll must gave us more.
Anyway,what do you think?
Is that good,or not?
Today I had a terrible arguement,with my best friend,Emmanuella.
It is a very big story.
What I should do?
She doesn't want to see me!
That's very terrible!
I feel very bad,and I haven't got any others for friends,so I need some internet ones.
Do you want to help me,or it's so difficult?
That's means much to me!!
You know,the post is almost over.
So bye bye!
P.S If you want to help me write at comments.
It means much to me.
Thank you!

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