Thursday, April 21, 2011


Oh, I forgot I already introduced myself to everyone! But anyway it wont let me click delete D:  One of my friends on Stardoll has over a few thousand points... I told her that I was a writer on this blog and she told me that I could do a post on the starpoint rewards and she would help me! Anyway here is the picture of the rewards!;

I dont know if you can see it... But can you zoom in? Sorry if you couldnt see it... Maybe these pictures will help:

hairstyles :S

Cant see them properly :/

Most of the hairstyles -.-

If your that desperate of getting these starpoint awards, I have a list of "How to get even more starpoints!"

  • Log in every day.
  • Do long posts in club discussions/guestbooks
  • Redo your presentation regularly
  • Redo your album regularly
  • Make a lot of sceneries
  • Post in guestbooks
  • Make club topics
  • Do "Play & Earn"
  • Spend SOME stardollars (Not too much, just a few 1 sd-3 sd etc.)
  • Stay on Stardoll for a while (I usually stay on Stardoll for 8 hours.
Please DO NOT stay on your computers, laptop (whatever your on o.o'') for a very long time.... Ive been on the computer for 13 hours straight... DO NOT do that. You will get a huge headache ):

-xx Thanh

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