Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Segment(s)

Lina Introduces...
Shine Yourself!
send in some graphics/pictures/sceneries including yourself
and i will choose 3 best ones each week and
mention them in a post! (you will also win 10 starcoins (as non
ss are not ALLOWED at ALL to spend stardollars :L) and
get to post an advertisment at my blog.)

Lina Introduces...
Shine Stardoll Test!
it is a 3 page test including questions about stardoll
and some blog works, if you pass the test you will get
a sticker/graphic and you will be 'promoted' with a better
job at my blog.

Lina Introduces...
Shine Awards!
Each month i will choose a blog (that enters) and give
them a small graphic that they can put on their blog logo
it will say
Blog Of The Month
on a gold label.

Lina Introduces...
Stardoll Comics!
I will need models to play the parts of:
Elena - Main Character
Brycen - Teacher
Ethan - Boyfriend
Aliana - Policewoman
Carmie - Policewoman
and i will post the rest later :)

these ideas are copyright and i came up with 100% all of them
so if you copy, that is just SHAME
it's just copying so what could u get out of it?
so if you copy, think of what'll happen next
i have a lot of friends (just sayin') okie?
got that?

xx, Lina

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