Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Stuff on Shine SD!

sorry for the lack of posts :)

Firstly, i would like to introduce a game called
First 4
if you want to enter you must first fill out this form:
SD Username:
Any Numbers from 1-10: -[]-[]-[]-[]- (min.4 numbers, max. 4 numbers)
then, you must buy the piece of paper with YOUR numbers on it
you cannot participate if you don't show me your paper (graphic made by me) you can only purchase the paper by 1sd
then, i will randomly pick 4 numbers in a hat, and if you have all 4 of the numbers, you get to win 10sd.

anyway please fill out the form in the comments :)

xx, Lina
P.S. for more info, ask cute-princess08 in her GB

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